Yastarine nugget of Belgian geometric and kinetic art
Yastarine is a 42 year old artist from Brussel
She comes from a family where her father, Eric Jans, a visual artist with a surrealist streak, favoured the collage technique as a means of expression.
Thus, marked by the various inspirations of her father, she was initiated into art, particularly during his exhibitions.
As a teenager, her need to express herself through drawing became obvious, but her family life put her artistic vocation on hold. 

However, in 2015, from a break, from a crack of the existence, the vital need to create and to express herself became a necessity: Yastarine, self-taught artist was then revealed!
She is the living proof that it is never too late to accomplish and live "HER PASSION".

Perpetually in search of freedom and authenticity, she seeks through her complex creations to pass on deeper messages for the benefit of
to convey deeper messages for the benefit of the impression felt by the viewer in her style of geometric and kinetic art.

She develops her favourite themes: the passage of time, the complexity of ideas and feelings.
She plays with the supports and materials, both wood and canvas, sometimes integrating LEDs which give an extra dimension to her works.

Her influences lie in the kinetic movement: Vasarely, Sobrino, Morrelet, Riley and Jasinsky.
By submitting the title and the work to the public's eye, the latter, if it so wishes, can transpose its vision to its subject and look beyond appearances, in a movement towards meaning, reflection or reverie.

His contemporary style is rooted in modernity: some of his works allow interaction between the creation and its owner
who becomes an actor in his own right.
She takes you beyond her field of possibilities.
So let yourself be carried away and come and discover her!

She is currently participating in our latest exhibition "ART XXL"