Galerie 55 makes investing in art accessible to all



Who hasn't dreamed of hanging a Picasso, a Braque or a Chagall on the wall of their living room?

Who hasn't dreamed of owning a drawing, a lithograph or a print signed by a great master?

Today, more than ever, investment in art is attracting a growing number of people and companies. Rather than letting cash sit idle or inevitably suffering losses due to stock market fluctuations and interest-bearing passbooks that no longer yield much, buying works of art at affordable prices is a very good way to protect and grow your assets.


If you thought you had to be very rich to own an authentic work of art signed by a great master, think again, it is entirely possible when you turn to the right address.


With a solid experience in expertise and knowledge of the art market, Galerie55, which has been offering magnificent contemporary art exhibitions in Uccle for years, has decided to reinforce its initial project, namely: "to make art accessible to all".


Indeed, you don't need to be a millionaire to enjoy yourself, thanks to a judicious and magnificent choice, Galerie55 offers you the possibility to acquire unique pieces: drawings, prints, etchings and lithographs, all signed by the hands of great masters, such as Picasso, Chagall, Braque, Giorgio de Chirico, Emil Nolde, Andy Warhol and many others. And all this at reasonable prices, between 1000 and 15.000 €. For example, original hand-signed prints by Picasso from the famous "Vollard suite" are available for €2800.


Art: a profitable investment, but with the added pleasure...


At Galerie55, these works accompanied by a certificate of authenticity are sold below the estimated price on the "Art Price" website. These are very attractive prices insofar as the buyers do not have to pay the auction fees imposed in auction rooms, which are generally estimated at 20% more.


Here, art appears to be a safe haven that combines profitability and pleasure.

Moreover, as it exclusively concerns artists who are internationally recognised and whose works are frequently traded in auction rooms, this makes it possible to capture the market value and makes the investment liquid if necessary.


All the works, drawings or prints (etchings, lithographs), unique pieces or limited series, are signed by the artist and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, a file on the artist and the technique used, as well as the results of recent auctions of comparable works. And best of all, they are framed so that you can enjoy them immediately upon purchase.


Thanks to its knowledge, reliability and assured taste, Galerie55 today offers the possibility, to all of you, of buying a work of art.