Self-taught painter, originally from Bordeaux, lives and works in Brussels, city of art par excellence. He has exhibited in Bordeaux, of course, in Paris, Brussels, Lüdenscheid, Miami, St. Petersburg and many other cities on the planet.
His work is particularly original because of the mixture of painting, of various materials gleaned during his travels such as: sand, wood, metal, objects which, on a wooden support, lead to powerful non-figurative representations, charged with emotions and full of colors, including the famous "Ferré blue".

Damien Ferré finds inspiration in the "golden ratio" geometrically represented by the omnipresent square and circle in his work. Through them it takes us to the other dimension of another world where rationality and emotion are combined to the delight of the eye and the mind.

Another Dimension ...

the square in the square, dear to Damien Ferré, puts geometry at the service of art, magnified by the natural earthy colors of this superb composition.

Leslie Hermann

Gallery 55

Mixed media, old and contemporary ...
Damien Ferré himself made his colors from natural pigments from different continents of the globe.
The colors are then treated with oil and water, contradicting the emulsions, then fixed with the torch on their support, almost always in wood.

This treatment makes the painting practically insensitive to climatic hazards and scratches; It can without risk of deterioration be placed outside without requiring any particular precaution