Rudy Collard,
or the palette of the intimate being

Of an abstract nature, Rudy Collard's painting expresses an emotion rather than a thought. Being related to the sensitive universe, it breathes life and hope into the watcher. Flowing, vibratory and, despite of it architectured, it embodies the creative gesture in all its complexity, here impressing rhythm, there a break, contrasted with the image of the living being, it marries its dynamics to illustrate it as close as possible to its truth.

In a world in disrepair, the creative act has a strong cathartic power and thinkers, artists, men of medicine have all been interested for a long time in the subject. This is not a coincidence, as creativity can truly be a useful way to help transform the deep roots of our own beings.

Whether it is what is called "art therapy" or more commonly "artistic mediation", we invoke here the creative potential to better apprehend the inner self and tend to a reappropriation of the subject ...

Jean Dubuffet was a pioneer in the field, discovering with excitement the creations of people interned in psychiatric hospital, he will give a name to this artistic movement: raw art ... with André Breton, he will contribute to the recognition of this current artistic as such, outside the pictorial codes and recognized institutions.
The raw art appeals to the unconscious, revealing the "hidden" part, buried of the being ...
In this way, Rudy Collard's painting appeals to that inner self that aspires only to serenity and well-being for a total fulfillment ...
By focusing his life course on "personal development", the artist has been able to express his desire to be from the beginning.
At the same time being initiatory and spiritual, Rudy Collard's journey as a man led him to the artist who slept in him and waited only for the perfect moment to reveal his true self to himself ...
Focusing on introspection, the painter was able to get rid of the appearance to simply be... His paintings resonate with this momentum of life, this enthusiasm to transmit his first emotions, the artist invents no more and no less than a pictorial language echoing his intimate feeling.
Intuitive and essential, the painting of Rudy Collard solicits the being in its entirety, body and soul, as it translates and magnifies the sensations, dreams and visions of the artist, the observer undoubtedly perceives the human commitment and devotion of the painter and makes it his own...
Rudy Collard is a master in the arrangement of space, the color structures the canvas, gives it its relief, the line as for it plays the role of fault, breach for a dive in the very heart of the work, the layout shapes the powerful and harmonious pictorial

At the same time demanding and instinctive, the work orders the emotions of the artist, be they objective, disordered or unconscious, only account their pictorial interpretation, resultant of the knowledge and the talent of the painter.

Nathalie Lescop-Boeswillwald
Doctor in art history, critical