Katia Maury
Since a long time, the creation fascinates me and puts in movement.
As a painter, after a first attempt 20 years ago, I resumed my love of painting when my adoptive father stopped painting while continuing to promote his work.
Taking up the family torch, pictorial art came to complete the triptych of my life, namely language, the coronation of Nature and the silent image.
Having followed an unconventional path, my atypical career began with law studies at the ULB followed by 15 exciting years of floral creation.
The law allowed me to structure my fiery spirit, floral art taught me to tame the image by fragmenting and reconstructing it in creative form.
Complementary, the language and the image are tools which allow me to share my intuitive vision of the World in a permanent concern of ode to the "majestic Nature".
Straddling the figurative and the abstraction, I like to link conceptions that may seem opposite but which, in my opinion, constitute a bridge between two modes of communication.
Abstraction and figuration constitute the two sides of the same quest, that of conceptualizing our environment near or far by codifying it in a concern for perpetual transformation with the ultimate goal of understanding it.