The collection is a work in itself, composed over time according to readings, questions and encounters.

We exhibit works of art by contemporary artists chosen for the quality and originality of their creations, as well as their ability to meet the expectations of amateurs and informed collectors.

We also organise retrospectives for artists who have left us.

In addition to these retrospectives, La Galerie has set up creative workshops for children aged 6 to 12 and initiation workshops for adults.
The workshops are open all year round under the guidance of an experienced artist. For more information, please contact us.

The quality of a work of art is judged by its artistic value which is not necessarily linked to its price. The work of art becomes art through the emotion, the questioning, the sensations that it arouses in the spectator.

In our Gallery you will find opportunities to
You will find in our Gallery opportunities for "favourites" at accessible prices.

The free entrance gives you the possibility to discover unique works of art by our artists as well as current handmade creations.

You will find a warm welcome and enriching exchanges with Françoise Hermann, the gallery owner, who will be happy to provide you with information on each of the artists exhibited.