"Ben'arts", (Benoit BATTLE), a young French plastic artist, of Belgian and Italian origin, born January 18, 1982 in Vernon in the Eure, grew up in Moisson, rue Claude Monet, well known for having inspired the artist himself. A mother artist weaver recognized in the 80s, and a great-grandfather, Joseph Gustave Cortési, artist also being first out of the school Estienne (Paris 14th) has been bathing since forever in this universe .

Since his childhood, Ben'arts likes to work all the materials and more than all the painting. Self-taught he had to stop all manual work to let his mind work after an accident that gave him a handicap, no longer allowing him to use his right hand. What should have prevented him from moving forward gives him the strength since 2007 to create what he imagined and still imagines ... This difference has become a force!

Influenced by everyday life, both its lived and its surroundings, from simplicity to modernity. It stands out from others by having different styles and using a wide range of colors, both in the abstract and in the more design style of its concept "Cube One", so that any interior can accommodate one of his creations in harmony with this one.

Ideas only fuse and his desire to create is only growing ...