A rendezvous with contemporary art just a stone's throw from the Place Brugmann,

Galerie 55 has succeeded in meeting a challenge in Brussels: to present to lovers of contemporary art known and upcoming artists with exceptional works. We discover works by artists with diverse profiles, both current and deceased, whose works highlight their passion and their work.
If the aim of contemporary art is no longer to represent reality faithfully but to question, to reveal reality in a different way, its contradictions, its dreams and sometimes its crises, Galerie 55 responds well to this challenge and offers art lovers a strong moment; a moment of emotion.

Thanks to their experience of the art market, the Hermanns, who are passionate about the demanding profession of gallery owner, have given Galerie 55 an original identity based on passion and aesthetic sharing with their visitors.
All the works exhibited have been selected through numerous encounters or discoveries and reflect their viewpoint and their feelings.
Some artists are in residence and those exhibited by Galerie 55 are chosen for the beauty, quality of their work, creativity, originality and their potential to meet the public.
Some artists who have disappeared are sometimes brought back to light. It is enough to look up at the picture rails to remember how rich and diverse Art is: paintings, sculptures, compressions, collectible furniture, exceptional crafts...
Each piece is described and shared with happiness. Far from the cold image that one may have of a "business" gallery that only talks about investments... A visit to 55 rue Darwin will make you discover another state of mind.

A passionate adventure, an access for all to contemporary art Indeed, Galerie 55 offers a platform to artists allowing them to give an echo to their work and to open a door on the world of collectors as well as the curious, because contemporary art raises curiosity!
One can even say questions or even jeers.
This is why Galerie 55 has taken on the mission not to explain, but to desecrate and share Art with all those who come through the door of the Gallery, thus allowing them to discover quality works whose value is not measured in Euros.
In a very real world where amateurs of contemporary pieces are interested in a future purchase or investment, Francoise Hermann, the owner of the gallery, will give you quality advice and will take the time to explain the history of a painting or a sculpture as well as the possibilities of career development of the artist who is presented to you.
Of course, the price does not determine the value of a work of art; it is also the interest, the sensations and the feelings that it awakens in you that will make it unique in your eyes. You don't need to be wealthy to treat yourself, here you will find affordable "coups de cœur", among which a work of art may be waiting for you...

Just a stone's throw from the beautiful Place Brugmann...
Just a stone's throw from the superb Place Brugmann, which is always lively and offers many quality shops and establishments, Galerie 55 attracts people, art lovers and professionals alike, in a district that has nothing to envy to the famous Sablon. One only has to look at the number of personalities who have already come from all walks of life to discover its exhibitions, retrospectives and events. The Hermanns have chosen this dream location where they share their passion and artistic discoveries.
Galerie 55, a welcoming place for the art market, fits the personality of the owners who have placed passion and creativity at the level of the demands of a very rigorous market. If they avoid elitism, they do not forsake rigour and know the importance of the advice expected from an art dealer.
Only experience and a certain taste built up over the course of a high-level career can ensure a personalised service. As it is never too early or too late to learn about contemporary art, Galerie 55 offers children and adults introductory workshops allowing each participant to create HIS or her own work of art.
In this way, art rediscovers its main qualities: creating links between all human beings and encouraging transmission. Galerie 55 is open to the public because the essence of art is freedom! Whether you are an amateur, a creator of a work of art, a curious person, a journalist or an influencer, do not hesitate to push open the door of Galerie 55 to discover the works presented and enjoy an exceptional moment.
 The current ART XXL exhibition is part of the regular exhibitions that Galerie 55 has been holding for the past four years and will be followed by an exhibition on the theme of STREET ART from 20 January 2022.
Galerie 55 Rue Darwin, 55 1050 Brussels Françoise Hermann : +32/492 40 04 66